If your relationship is making you unhappy, you've come to the right place.

Couples therapy or relationship counselling can help.

Is the honeymoon well and truly over?

  • You might find that you and your spouse argue constantly about the same thing (money, sex, having children, in-laws, someone's job). Perhaps there is an issue that never gets resolved.
  • You likely feel like you're alone and disconnected – even though you're part of a couple. You partner may not actually listen to you when you speak.
  • Perhaps you've lost the passion and excitement that was so good at the start. Or sex has become a cycle of frustration, disappointment and resentment.
  • You may worry about fighting with your partner in front of friends or your children.
  • Perhaps one or both of you keep things to themselves all the time. You are more "out" of the relationship than "in".
  • Are you or your partner seriously interested in someone else, or perhaps have already started to have an affair?
  • You may secretly want to break up but just can't say it. Or you may feel like divorce is the only answer because your relationship is far too damaged to ever be repaired.

We have just returned from a weekend away celebrating our 6 month wedding anniversary.

We feel incredibly lucky to have found each other, and love each other more with each day that passes, and yet, I can honestly say that without Jacqueline our marriage would never have occurred. Jacqueline helped us to identify and address our issues with a style that was always honest and down to earth, and often humorous. She made us feel relaxed and safe as she enabled us to really examine our feelings, beliefs and communications skills (or lack thereof). This process wasn't always easy or fun, but was definitely worth the moments of discomfort to have the amazing relationship we now enjoy. What we have taken away with us from our sessions with Jacqueline is more than just a greater understanding of ourselves and each other; we have also gained communication skills that we will use for life. We would generally recommend counselling to all couples, and would definitely recommend Jacqueline, to whom we will always be grateful. Jacqueline is fantastic at what she does and we can't speak highly enough of her; I am just glad we were fortunate enough to find her. Thank you Jacqueline.

Heather & Ronny

Whether you've been married with or without children for years, or you're in a new relationship, you don't have to put up with unhappiness.

  • Marriage counseling or couples therapy can regain closeness, passion, fun and get back that feeling of being ‘in love'.
  • You'll get tools and strategies to break destructive patterns, deal with old resentments and move towards a more supportive and intimate relationship.
  • You can discover new ways to communicate and that will help you communicate more effectively with partner, your children, friends and colleagues.
  • Through couples counseling I'll work with you in a safe and constructive environment, mediated so you both get to say what's really going on for you.
  • I help you repair the problems and feel close again and give you tools to work with at home.
  • If breaking up is what you need, I can help you identify and manage the process to minimise damage and help you heal and move on.

You don't have to put up with an unsatisfying relationship. Get the love, connection and excitement you both really want.

Get in touch with me about marriage or couples therapy. I'm happy to answer any questions and get you started with a free, no-obligation 10 minute phone consultation.

Jacqueline McDiarmid is a marriage Counsellor and couples Therapist in Sydney CBD, NSW. Her focus is on helping couples solve relationship problems and feel closer and happier with each other.