Has adolescence turned your lovely little child into someone you don't understand anymore?

And do you feel helpless as to what you can do about it?

Teen counseling can help your teen get back on track.

  • You're deeply worried that your adolescent or pre-adolescent child is slipping away from you. Or even worse, you fear you've lost the relationship itself.
  • Perhaps you suspect or know your teenager is abusing drugs or alcohol. You feel desperate as you don't know how to stop it.
  • Is your teen showing signs of self-harm or mental illness?
  • Maybe you are sad your child seems distant, uncommunicative, or angry (usually with you).
  • Perhaps it feels like your teen is ruining your life and the life of your family.
  • You may feel lost and inadequate as a parent.

You can have your likeable, friendly and respectful teen back again.

As a counsellor for teens and their parents I've helped many despairing parents and resistant adolescents work through this challenging developmental stage and end up in loving and mutually respectful relationships. It can be done – no matter how far 'gone' they might seem.

Through teen and parent counseling, I can help you:

  • Understand this developmental stage and why your child is acting like they are.
  • Help you explore what their behavior is telling you so you know best how to respond.
  • Regain your power as a parent, and show you tools and strategies that really work.
  • Get your teenager talking to you again, and change your relationship from combative to constructive.
  • Find out if your adolescent is using drugs or abusing alcohol. Learn safe, appropriate and effective responses if they are.

Adolescence doesn't have to be awkward and painful – for you or your child. Give your adolescent the support and love they need to make a healthy transition to adulthood.

I can work with you and your adolescent to make some solid improvements through counselling.

If you don't think your teenager will come to a counseling session, don't worry.

I have strategies for that too. The first thing to do is book a free 10 minute phone session with me and we'll explore how we can get started helping your teen.

Jacqueline McDiarmid is a teen Counsellor and parent Therapist in Sydney CBD, NSW. She helps adolescents who are struggling in their home, school or social lives. She also helps teens resolve communication problems with their parents and assists parents in regaining confidence and control with their teens.