I went to see Jacqueline because my parents were worried about me.

I had tried to hurt myself and I didn’t think anybody cared about me. But talking to Jacqueline was like talking to a friend except I could say whatever I wanted about stuff without anybody else knowing. She helped me understand that lots of people do care about me and love me.

She was easy to talk to and not like talking to my parents or school teachers. I’m really glad I went to see Jacqueline because she helped me cope with a whole lot of stuff that I never thought I’d be able to cope with. I think Jacqueline is the best!

Jess, 13 years old

When I first went to Jacqueline I have to admit I was very nervous.

I wasn’t a very confident person and didn’t feel good about myself. Jacqueline really helped me to work out why I lacked personal worth which for me was a whole load of childhood issues including abuse. Jacqueline made it really easy for me to relax so that I could work through things without being embarrassed. I can’t believe how much my life has changed since I began counselling. Thank you Jacqueline.

Cathy, 31 years old

I would recommend Jacqueline to any couple who want to get rid of the crap that stops you having what you know could be a really great partnership.

My now wife and I agreed to see a counsellor because we knew that we’d have to split up if we couldn’t get past the same old arguments. I wasn’t really keen at first. I thought therapy was a lot of hippy mumbo jumbo. Since seeing Jacqueline, I’ve done a complete 360 and I now even tell my mates to go do it. For us it was a real circuit-breaker. Jacqueline didn’t let either of us get away with anything, and while it was sometimes hard going, we’ve ended up being able to be much more real with each other and know how to move on with things. And I never thought therapy would be so funny. Jacqueline would often have us in stitches – worth the admission price for that alone!

Paul, 41 years old

I have been asked by my daughter to put together some words for Jacqueline McDiarmid’s website.

here are quite a lot of things in life that I can honestly say that I would never do, and one of those things was going to therapy. I used to scoff and laugh at any stories that I would be told regarding people (which I used to class as losers) having therapy, because it was unknown.

How naïve I was, because now, after my experiences in therapy sessions I feel like such a winner and I am truly sorry for my negative thoughts to all those people who I used to call losers.

My daughter was very ill at a time in her life when she needed someone or something to be part of. We knew she suffered from Epilepsy (Petit Mal), which progressed (into Grand Mal) over a period of time. Then other problems surfaced – extreme weight loss, excessive drinking, sleep deprivation and drug use, which are all detrimental to a person with Epilepsy. (HELP I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO) That was how I felt.

We felt useless as we didn’t know what to do and did not know how to handle the problems she had. One day we had a call from our daughter to join a family therapy session with Jacqueline which I can honestly say was a life changing moment in my family’s life, things were said and emotions exposed in a way that I would never have dreamed of, we learned many things about our daughters struggle with her life and the confusion that surrounded her world, and after quite a few sessions we came to find out about her struggle with sexual abuse, and something that we were unaware of which was that she was suffering anorexia and paranoid schizophrenia which put the jigsaw together for us.

I would just like to say that if it wasn’t for the professional help we received from Jacqueline I truly do not know where we would be today, I am sure it would not be as a complete family unit in one way or another. Please – if you are ever doubting the use of therapy in helping you understand the many variables that can be involved in your children’s life, sitting, listening, talking, and the willingness to let all emotions surface, the end result will be the most rewarding experience you could imagine because I have gone from the depths of despair, not knowing how to dig my way out, to being on top of the world with a relationship with my daughter that I thank Jacqueline and my daughter for every day.

I am not very good in putting my thoughts into words but hope some of my ramblings have been understood the same way that I never understood the need for therapy or therapists. I thank you Jacqueline for helping us understand our joyous daughter and I thank you for delivering her back to us as we had missed her for a very long time, you are in our hearts forever.

Yours sincerely, Allan